A Virtual Church

The Virtual Church was a online church service provided weekly on the Sabbath (Saturday) by Ken Westby for a number of years. The focus was to provide clear, inspired, relevant biblical preaching to Christians in order to stimulate growth in the knowledge of God. It became and remains a valuable service among scattered Christians who either don’t have a church home or are too far away to attend a congregation in their faith. And for shut-ins and the elderly this can be a valuable resource of regular encouragement and inspiration. It formed a telephone and Worldwide Web connected congregation – a virtual church, a cyber church. This page is now dedicated to the archival of these sermons, discussion panels and seminars on video.

Over the years the Virtual Church scheduled and hosted a wide variety of outstanding speakers representing various biblical specialties. This archive contained messages from prophecy specialists, NT scholars, OT scholars, Hebrew roots teachers, personal development leaders, and solid biblical expositors. Ken Westby served as the weekly host for this program. Enjoy a wide range of programs keeping in mind that not all services will be in a preaching format, some will be discussion panels, some in seminar format.

Virtual Church Programs

Below is a Playlist of ALL video recordings by the Virtual Church from 2012 – 2016. Click on the top left of the video see a full playlist. (Playlist is being organized by year) To view playlist of individual years hover over the virtual church tab, then over VC Videos.