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The High Cost of False Witness

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” Exodus 20:16

In our post-Christian times, bearing false witness is becoming all too commonplace – and the cost is very high. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Example One
A few years ago, in Minnesota, Joe and Mary Doe (not their real names) suddenly found themselves in a terrifying dilemma. One day, police officers arrived at their door and announced that Joe had been accused of child molestation. Worse, he was accused of molesting his own two-year-old daughter. The police carted off the Doe’s two small children and a long, costly, legal battle ensued.  Read Article.

Do Souls Go to Heaven?

The celebrated Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible: “No biblical text authorized the statement that the soul is separated from the body at the moment of death” (Vol 1, p. 803)

While the Jehovah’s witnesses and others are labeled cultists because they say that the soul does not go to heaven when a person dies, the records of early church history are testimony to the fact that “orthodoxy” is the real culprit.

Did the early church teach the separation of a conscious soul from its body at the moment of death? Here are the words of Irenaeus (c. 130 -c. 200) of the mid-second century (Against Heresies, Bk. 5): Read Article.

The Church, The Tribulation and The New Millennium

Millennial speculation is rampant, and there are as many theories of what the new millennium will bring as there are “prophets” to proclaim them. There are secular views, New Age views, and Christian views of the importance of the year 2000. Most of the Christian speculation about the coming millennium revolves around the return of Jesus Christ to earth. On all sides we hear of fulfilled Bible prophecy. The state of the state of Israel constantly draws our attention as preachers harangue about the coming Temple, the abomination of desolation, the Great Tribulation, and Armageddon. Read Article.

Jesus Christ…The Prophet

One NT claim about Jesus is generally overlooked. We are told that Jesus “…was a prophet…” (Lk 24:19). Most Christians, even if aware of this text, tend to perceive it in a limited sense–like with predictive statements Jesus made about his impending death, by crucifixion, his resurrection, and the promise to return. But in most minds, the concept of Jesus as a prophet would not extend much further. Yet it means far more.

Only one great prophet is specified in the Bible. Although he is the central figure of Israel, Rabbinic sources never identify him. The critical text is Dt 18:15,18. It is the ultimate Bible prediction about a future prophetic personality. It was given by none other than Moses. Yet very little is known about “the prophet.” Read Article.

The New Millennium Magazine: Keeping Watch November 1997

GO TO CHURCH FOR YOUR HEALTH. The long hours you spent on a hard seat in church may pay a fleshly dividend. A new study by Duke University researchers on aging finds this surprising fact: (as reported in World11/15/97) “People over 65 who go to church or synagogue at least once a week are healthier in body and mind than those who don’t.” Church-goers were twice as likely to have strong, stable immune systems as the stay at home seniors. The Duke study is part of the largest national survey on aging ever conducted. The results were published in the October International Journal of Psychiatry. Read Article.

The New Millennium Magazine: Reader’s Forum November 1997

Thank you for your tape “Sabbath—God’s Gift.” It was very probably the finest message on the Sabbath I have ever heard.


I have been reading your publication “The New Millennium” and especially The Tomb of David series. I’m sure I missed one or two segments in our recent move—which I’ll need to request. I’ve been emphatically searching your writing for the little goodies which they seem to contain.


I am sorry to say that I think you are wasting a lot of paper and people’s time with Gary Arvidson’s articles on David’s tomb. What nonsense. Of course he is buried somewhere, and of course the tomb has never been found. But there is absolutely no evidence that a great treasure was buried with him. For what? To use in the afterlife? Come on, now. He left his treasure to Solomon, where it was needed. Read Article.

Searching for David’s Tomb

In November 1868, Captain Charles Warren of the British Royal Engineers dug a vertical shaft 80′ down to bedrock at the SE Angle of the Temple Mount Platform (TMP). He discovered mysterious markings on the lowest courses of foundation stones. They had been inscribed by someone nearly 2000 years ago — and then immediately covered up. This was a rather “strange” procedure.

These unusual symbols had remained hidden to human eyes since the massive blocks were set into place by King Herod’s workmen. What do the marks mean? Could there be a hidden connection with King David’s. Read Article.

What’s In A Name

It took two to three weeks for the tape to arrive. When I finally had it in my hands, I wasted little time getting it into a cassette player. I really wanted to hear what the lady had to say about her life and personal experience with God. I was not disappointed. Her tape was even more interesting than her radio interview which motivated me to order the tape. She said one thing, however, that really intrigued me. She referred to Jesus as “Yaveshua.” She stated that this combination of Yahveh and Yeshua represent a proper way to refer to Jesus Christ. Well, it was difficult to know what to make of all this. I could see the combination of the two names as possible but also knew that there was no place in the Bible where “Yaveshua” is used to refer to God or Jesus Christ.

Over my 30 some years as a Christian, I have many times come across the belief that Christians should refer to the Father and to Jesus Christ by their Hebrew names. There is a belief among some that the Hebrew of the Bible is the one “original” and “pure” language. Therefore, to refer to God or Christ by any name other than their Hebrew names is sacrilegious, even blasphemous (depending on the view of the person you talk to). Read Article.

In Hot Pursuit of the Material or The Spiritual?

In the Synoptic Gospels, the teachings of Jesus have often been broken up into disjointed units. This article restores the pattern of Jesus’ teaching on the issue of priorities…

“If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” In our blatantly capitalist world, success is often defined by the possession of wealth. In our culture, we value wealth above all else. Materialism is king. “He wins who dies with the most toys,” is a popular bumper sticker slogan.

Then there’s what has sometimes been referred to as the “playboy philosophy”: Love things, use people.

In our culture, money opens all doors. It provides social status where none is deserved. It paves the way for political office, then it corrupts it. Greed is the engine that drives our money-mad culture.

This is not to say that earning money is immoral. Nor does it imply that the accumulation of wealth is itself a bad thing. It’s a matter of priorities. It’s an issue of what we love most—the pursuit of wealth, or the pursuit of godliness. Read Article.

The New Millennium Magazine: Keeping Watch July 1997

God’s Geophysics. Did it take millions of years for the Colorado River to carve out the Grand Canyon, as your smiling, 20-year-old Park Service guide will tell you? How about one week (!) of water moving at 100 miles an hour through soft sediment in a massive runoff caused by rising continents following Noah’s Flood? So postulates John Baumgardner, PhD, the world’s pre-eminent expert in the design of computer models for geophysical convection, the process by which the Earth creates volcanoes, earthquakes, and the movement of the continental plates. Baumgardner believes he has figured out how God did it, and has created a sophisticated scientific model to prove it. Read Article.

The New Millennium Magazine: From the Editor

Man and dog walk into a bar. “Sorry, no pets here,” says the bartender. “But this is a special dog,” the patron protests. “He talks!” “You know how many times I’ve heard that one?” retorts the bartender. “No really, he does,” the man persists. “Listen, if he talks, will you let him stay?” “Sure, sure,” the bartender chuckles.

“OK Fido, what is the texture of the carpet?” The dog responds, “RRRUFF.” With that, the bartender leaps over the bar and heaves both dog and man out in the street. Read Article.

The New Millennium Magazine: Reader’s Forum July 1997

I appreciate your little magazine, The New Millennium. I derive pleasure and understanding from reading and studying its contents—it’s one of the few pleasures I have in this life. I’m approaching 90 years of age. Please send your tape on “The Amazing Double Miracle of Christ.”

— B.C., Canada

 Thanks for the audio tape “100 Years from Now!” It helped bring things back into focus from the muddle of daily life.

— Montana

 Your taped message “The Mysterious Seven Day Cycle” was the first sermon my wife sat through and really listened to and enjoyed! — thank you. It was also one of the most fascinating and exciting subjects I’ve heard in many years. Read Article.