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You can be part of the ACD team. The Association for Christian Development is a voluntary association of Christians committed to the goals of moving Godward, and of sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with a world in need. The ministry of ACD is solely supported by the voluntary contributions of individuals who receive and benefit from its services and educational materials. ACD, as an independent ministry, is not supported by any church or denominational organization, though it offers its services to members of any group. Every effort is made to provide most of our literature free of charge — as we have with this web site. Our mailing address is:

Association for Christian Development
17837 1st Ave S.  #400R
Normandy Park, WA 98148

But nothing in this world, it seems, is truly “free.”  Virtually everything we do costs money. ACD spends thousands of dollars every month for postage, paper, tapes, and a dozen other expenses, including the costs of providing and maintaining this web site on the World Wide Web. These are the costs of doing God’s Business and we gladly incur them. Yet these costs can only be incurred by ACD if they are shared costs; shared among a voluntary association of Christians committed to the value of this Mission of Christ. (Please visit What Is ACD and read our Mission Statement and our Statement of Faith.) We invite you to join with others in contributing support to this noble cause.

Isn’t it an obvious fact, that how we make spending decisions and set personal priorities for our money reveal to us, better than anything, where our treasure is?

We Ask For Your Support

We realize the many financial pressures and claims that compete for your limited funds. There are many fine Christian works that cry out for support. While you can’t support them all, you can support some. You have the God-given right to decide which. As ACD enters its thirty-first year of fruitful service, we boldly ask you to become a financial contributor, an associate, in its work.

In addition to helping people around the world move Godward, Associates will receive: inside reports on the people and progress of the Mission; special biblical research reports prior to public release; timely e-mail reports; automatic subscription renewals to The New Millennium and the ACD Newsletter. Please see email registration form below.

If you would like to participate in our mission by becoming a ACD Associate Member, please complete and submit the form below. ACD Associates truly are the ACD. Thank you for your participation in the team effort. Your involvement, support and prayers are deeply appreciated.

You may E-mail us at: