A Recommened Reading List

John A. T. Robinson, The Priority of John, London, 1985. (Of special interest is his section on preexistence.), 443 pages.

John A. T. Robinson, The Human Face of God, The Westminster Press, 1973, 269 pages.

James D. G. Dunn, Christology in the Making, Grand Rapids, 1989, 443 pages.

Richard E. Rubenstein, When Jesus Became God, New York, 1999, 267 pages.

Bart D. Ehrman, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture, New York, 1993, 314 pages.

Bart D. Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus, Harper, 2005, 242 pages.

Karl-Josef Kuschel, Born Before All Time—The Dispute over Christ’s Origin, New York, 1992, 664 pages.

Anthony F. Buzzard & Charles F. Hunting, The Doctrine of the The Trinity, Lanham, 1998, 365 pages.

Anthony F. Buzzard, Our Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven—The Forgotten Christianity of Jesus, the Jew, Restoration Fellowship, 1999, 394 pages.

Brian Holt, Jesus: God or the Son of God?  Mt. Juliet, TN, 2002, 366 pages.

Graeser, Lynn, Schoenheit, One God & One Lord, Christian Educational Services, 2003, 680 pages.

James D. G. Dunn, Jesus Remembered (Christianity In The Making, Vol 1), Eerdmans, 2003, 1019 pages.

Albert Nolan, Jesus Before Christianity, Orbis Books, 1989, 156 pages.

N. T. Wright, The Resurrection of The Son of God (Christian Origins and The Question of God, Vol 3), Fortress Press, 2003, 817 pages.

N. T. Wright, Jesus and the Victory of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Vol 2), Fortress Press, 1996, 741 pages.

Jason David BeDuhn, Truth in Translation—Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament, University Press of America, 2003, 199 pages.

Karl-Heinz Ohlig, One or Three, A Peter Lang Publication, Translated from the German by Richard Hennige, 2002, 140 pages.

Roger Haight, S.J., Jesus Symbol of God, Orbis Books, 1999, 505 pages.

Marian Hillar, The Case of Michael Servetus (1511-1553), Edwin Mellen Press,   1997, 426 pages.

Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone, Out of the Flames (The Michael Servetus story), Broadway Books, 2002, 353 pages.

On the Openness of God or Open Theism Doctrine:

Gregory A. Boyd, Is God to Blame? —Beyond pat answers to the problem of suffering, InterVarsity Press, 2003, 211 pages.

Clark H. Pinnock, Most Moved Mover —A Theology of God’s Openness, Baker Academic, 2001, 202 pages.

James K. Beilby & Paul R. Eddy, editors,  Divine Foreknowledge —Four Views, InterVarsity Press, 2001, 221 pages.

John Sanders, The God Who Risks —A Theology of Providence, InterVarsity Press, 1998, 367 pages.

Gregory A. Boyd, God of the Possible —A biblical introduction to the Open View of God, Baker Books, 2001, 175 pages. See also his book, God at War.

Gregory E. Ganssle, editor, God & Time —Four Views, InterVarsity Press, 2001, 247 pages.