One God Seminar

Christian religion should be about God: Who He is; What He is like; What His purpose is for those made to become in His image. The first and greatest commandment summarizes that it is all about God, knowing Him, loving Him, and following His will. This is what Jesus did and exampled how a God-centered life leads to eternal life and to the very presence of God Himself.

The doctrine of God is the apex doctrine. It is also the most confused in traditional Protestant and Catholic orthodoxy. Nothing is more important than truly knowing the God of Scripture, the one God, the Creator and Savior God. God is not hidden in a mystical, alien to Scripture, paganistic shroud of a Trinity. The man Jesus, appointed God’s unique son, was not some preexistent God-spirit, but was a human child born of Mary and having a human genealogy, of which two Gospel accounts bear witness.

The One God Seminars cover new material and scriptures every year as the topic of God is virtually inexhaustible. Several new speakers will join with presentations every year. These are enjoyable and educational affairs with lots of discussion done in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.  We look forward to seeing you at our next One God Seminar.

Information on our next seminar will be released as soon as we have it. To see prior year agendas, speakers and topics please visit our One God Seminar Archive page.



Report on ACD’s recent One God Seminar as it appeared in The Journal Issue No. 178, November 30th 2015


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