One God Seminar 2013

Agenda for 11th Annual One God Seminar

Seminar lengths will vary. Each presenter will reserve time at his conclusion for audience questions and comments. We ask that questions be restricted to the subject matter presented at a particular session.

Saturday,  June 2nd

9—9:30 AM  An Introduction. “Why Study the Nature of God?”

—Ken Westby & Anthony Buzzard


#1)  9:30—10:30 AM  “Our Father”  —Owen Murphy

#2)  10:30—Noon  “Does Trinitarianism Qualify as Monotheism? —The Task of Asking the Right Questions” — Sir Anthony Buzzard

Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

#3)  1:15—2:30 PM  “A History of Christology”  — Dan Girouard

#4)  2:30—3:45 PM  “Calvin, Servetus, and the Struggle for Truth”  — Carlos Jimenez


#5)  3:55—5 PM  “The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fourth Century — Sean Finnegan


Meet & Greet:  5—6 PM  A relaxing get-acquainted and fellowship hour in the adjacent hotel café area.  Let the discussions continue!

Sunday, June 3rd

#6)  9:00—9:30 AM  “My Journey to Meet the One True God” — Michel Danis

#7)  9:30—10:30 AM   “Two Yahwehs in the Old Testament? = Two Gods?” — Gary Woodring

#8)  10:30—11:30  “They Still Don’t Get It: Isaiah’s Singular Monotheism and the Prophetic Curse”  —Robert Woodburn

Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

#9)  1:15—2:45 PM  “The Atonement Through Jesus Christ: Reflections”  — Phil Arnold, PhD

#10)  2:45—3:55 PM  “The Trinitarian Controversy in the Fifth Century”  — Sean Finnegan


#11)  4:05—5:15 PM  “A Sit-Down with God—Bringing Adam & Eve Up To Date with Yahweh’s Grand Plan” — Ken Westby

ACD has sponsored numerous “One God Seminars” investigating this most important topic. Below are some of the papers that have been presented at these national meetings. In addition, there are other articles contributed to this section which advocate unitary monotheism and which challenge the orthodox doctrine of Trinity (or Binity). The views and opinions are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the ACD.The Most Recent One God Seminar was held in Federal Way, Washington (Oct 23-24, 2010). See below the 2011 seminar and agenda of speakers and topics. 

To listen to and view the 2011 seminars, paste this link to your browser:  

10th Annual One God Seminar

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Pasadena-Arcadia, California
May 28-29, 2011
See Agenda of Speakers and Topics Below
CDs and papers from the seminars will be available from this website following the meetings


We have scheduled some of our best speakers from previous seminars and have added some new ones. All the topics will be new. You will hear from Sir Anthony Buzzard, famous author and trailblazer leading a return to biblical monotheism; Sean Finnegan of Boston whose websites and debating skills have made inroads into academia causing many to reexamine the Trinity tradition; Kermit Zarley, author of The Restitution of Jesus Christ, Evangelical leader, and professional athlete; Noel Rude, linguist and scholar who is not afraid to challenge orthodoxy; and several other speakers presenting carefully researched topics guaranteed to make us think fresh thoughts.

One of the new speakers presenting this year is Nehemia Gordon, a Torah teacher from Jerusalem. He will be touring the USA at the time and has scheduled a stop to visit with us and present a seminar or two. He is fluent in Hebrew, of the Karaite Jewish tradition, and has done extraordinary work in the field of our seminar focus. He is co-author of the book, A Prayer to Our Father–the Hebrew origins to the Lord’s Prayer: I’ve heard Nehemia speak, answer questions, and have had him to our home for dinner and discussions. You will thoroughly enjoy and profit from his learning and energetic presentations.


This seminar series is dedicated to learning all that can be known about Yahweh, our Great God, and his glorious Son, Jesus Christ. We seek to know Who God Is and What He is Like, with the purpose of moving Godward and becoming more like him in character, wisdom, love, and in Godly actions of kindness toward others.

The truth about God has been hidden and largely buried under centuries of tradition and stained glass. God has been presented as an impossible-to-comprehend three- or two-headed “Godhead.” He has been presented as the pagan Greeks understood their deities, not how Abraham or Moses or Jesus understood God as a personal being–a heavenly Father. Orthodoxy has removed God from the understandable and made him a “divine mystery.” Similar damage has been done to the true Jesus of the Gospels. Tradition presents him as not fully human and not like one of us but rather a preexistent God who entered the womb of Mary. What has mankind in common with such a mythical “superman”?

Scripture tells a different story from the orthodox creeds of Christendom which in the 4th and 5th centuries set these errors in stone. It is time to discover the full truth of the One God and the Real Jesus, who was and is a man and now rules from heaven at his Father’s side. Jesus has shown how a human, transformed by God, can enter the eternal presence of His Majesty. We must follow him and learn to think about God as Jesus thought about God; to learn to become one with God as Jesus became one with God. How does Jesus describe himself and his God? Strikingly different from what you learned in Sunday School, church, or in theological seminary.

Bring your challenges and questions. Let us reason together to learn all we can about God, who after all is the foundation of truth and faith. What could be more important? Our religion is based upon our concept of God. If that God-understanding is corrupted or skewed, so will be our worship and faith. We must get our God-concept as pure and right as possible and as true to Scripture as possible.

–Ken Westby

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