One God Seminar 2012

Agenda 10th Annual Seminar Pasadena-Arcadia 

Seminar lengths will vary. Each presenter will reserve time at his conclusion for audience questions and comments. We ask that questions be restricted to the subject matter presented at a particular session. All questions will be welcomed during open Q&A sessions at the conclusion of the seminar program. 

 Saturday, May 28th

8:30—9 AM  An Introduction. “Why Study the Nature of God?”            —Ken Westby & Anthony Buzzard


#1)  9—9:40 AM  “The Unknown God”  —Owen Murphy

#2)  9:40— 11 AM “What’s Afoot in the Middle East?” (Is current upheaval a prophetic fulfillment, and what might it tell us about Jesus’ God status?) —Kermit Zarley

#3)  11 AM —Noon  “The Story Behind 1 John 5:7” (How the most Trinitarian verse in the Bible proves that the Bible does not support the Trinity) —Sean Finnegan

Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

 #4)  1:15—2:45 PM  “The Birth Certificate of Jesus”  —Sir Anthony Buzzard

 #5)  2:45—4:15 —PM  “The Plural Singularity of God in Hebrew 

Grammar” —Nehemia Gordon


Meet & Greet: 4:15—6 PM  A relaxing get-acquainted and fellowship hour in the adjacent restaurant. Snacks and  beverages available. Let the discussions continue! A wedding is scheduled for our meeting room Saturday evening necessitating us to end the seminar sessions a little early.

 Sunday, May 29th

#6)  8:30—9:30 AM  “If Jesus Is Not God, Why Is He So Important?”  —Gary Woodring

#7)  9:30—10:15 AM   “Investigative Theology: an Overview and Example (Is ‘God the Father’ in the OT, or NOT?)”Bob Woodburn

#8)  10:30—11:30 AM  “Christ, the Image of The Invisible God”  —Michel Denis

#9)  11:30—Noon “Our One God Critics”  —Mark Bosserman

Lunch: 12—1:15 PM

#10)  1:15—2:45 PM  “The Character of God  in the Hebrew Version of the Lord’s Prayer”  —Nehemia Gordon

#11)  3—4 PM  “So How Is He a Son?” —Noel Rude.

#12)  4—5:30 PM  “Open Line: Reports, Comments, Questions, and Discussion”. —Panel chaired by: by Kermit Zarley, Sean Finnegan, and Anthony Buzzard, with Ken Westby moderating. Audience participation encouraged.