Hebrew Roots Studies


The Association for Christian Development presents a special section for those interested in studying more deeply into the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and in understanding Scripture more authentically.

Why Study “Hebrew Roots”?

The study of the Hebrew (Jewish) roots of the New Covenant writings, and of the Christian Church, have taken on new life of late. Hundreds of scholars meet annually to discuss and compare their findings. Of particular interest are the “synoptic” Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke. The word “synoptic” is from the Greek synoptikos, “a seeing together.” The three accounts of Jesus’ life and teaching appear to have been drawn from some common sources. John’s Gospel appears to rely on other sources. Read Article.


Study Papers & Feature Articles (Many Articles!)
These include more comprehensive treatments of technical and exegetical subjects.


These shorter articles will address issues that lend themselves to succinct treatment.

Book Reviews
Here we will try to keep you up to date on the latest publications by the better Hebrew roots scholars.

Source Materials
In this section, we will keep you up to date on Hebrew roots ministries, events, teachers, and available teaching materials. We also present a Recommended Reading list for those who wish to do more advanced study.

Questions & Answers
If you’d like to know more, or challenge anything you find in this section, this is the place to do it. “Iron sharpens iron.” ACD welcomes your questions. Responses will of necessity be brief. The initials “KW” after a response indicate that Ken Westby answered the question. The initials “BK” indicate that Brian Knowles responded. Email us at: acd@godward.org.

Eye on the Middle East
Israel and the Middle East are the focal points of Bible prophecy. Whatever happens in, or to, Israel will affect the course of modern history. In this section, you’ll find out what’s really going on behind the scenes. We may even spike a few rumors…

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