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Commentary By Ken Westby & Others

Date Article Title
2/12/11 A "Pure Language" in Kingdom? (Zeph 3:9) (Noel Rude)
4/12/07 Apocaholics Anonymous (Gary Alexander)
2/8/07 Islam's "Sabbath"
10/27/06 The Humor of Jesus
10/27/06 Scholars...Who Needs Them?
5/20/05 All Shook Up: What Modern Music is Doing to Us (Dodaro)
4/7/05 Abraham's Legacy (Dodaro)
4/6/05 The Land Sabbath in Modern Israel (Dr Ward)
3/15/05 Slaughter at Sabbath Services
11/24/04 Abortion and the Sabbath
2/16/04 Two Scenes from Israel
2/20/03 Making Yourself Sick
1/30/03 What Will 2003 Bring?
3/12/02 A Case of Rigormortis
1/5/00 Underestimating God, Overestimating Evil
3/20/98 Is Adam's Great Commission to... "Become a Gardner"?
2/16/98 Daniel and The Net
2/1/98 Is Human Cloning Possible?

Commentary by Ken Ryland

1/27/04 Forgetting The Lesson of Balaam
7/4/03 A Terrible Court Decision
8/14/00 Israelites, Gentiles, and the New Covenant
12/13/99 The Great Thanksgiving Day Disappearing Act
10/20/99 Is New York City Babylon the Great?
10/20/99 When Does The Tribulation Begin?
10/19/99 Why Study Prophecy?
10/19/99 Recapturing Excellence
10/13/99 Does God Still Shape the Affairs of Nations?
08/10/99 Great Joy In Tribulation

"Out of the Box" Commentary By Brian Knowles

Date Article Title
10/12/12 The "Us" Factor
6/8/12 And Then What
6/7/12 The World As It Is
4/5/12 A Convergence of 23's
3/24/12 As We Have Forgiven
10/22/11 But how do we KNOW?
8/28/11 Glen Campbell--Entertaining a Generation
8/11/11 Post-Christian Chaos
7/11/11 Guilt by Association--Again
2/15/11 A Death in the Family
2/11/11 A Way to Pray for Israel
12/25/10 Varieties of Christian Faith
8/20/10 Can a Sinner be Used by God?
5/7/10 Getting to the Nub of Matters
4/24/10 If I had to do it all over again and knew what I know now . . .
2/27/10 If There Was Just One Book...
1/19/10 Haiti -- The Right Christian Response
1/12/10 Doesn't Anybody Read Anymore?
12/6/09 Coping With Reality
11/14/09 What Is A "Christian"?
10/27/09 Is America Finished?
9/29/09 New Leader of the Free World
9/18/09 Sorting It All Out
8/24/09 Dante's Inferno: Is it Real?
8/21/09 Defeating the "Religious Spirit"
8/13/09 How the Doctrine of the Immortal Soul Came to the Church (Hell, Part 4)
7/27/09 The New Testament & the Immortality of the Soul
7/25/09 America--They're Changing What It Is
7/10/09 TeNaKh and the Soul (Hell, Part 2)
6/30/09 A Hellish Beginning (Hell, Part 1)
6/4/09 Time and Chance
6/1/09 A Superfluity of Accumulations
4/13/09 Our World Is Changing
3/6/09 Causeless Effects?
9/22/08 Now that I'm an American
8/25/08 Kinds of Theology
4/20/08 Thinking Like An Artist
3/2/08 The Bible and the Life we're Supposed to Live
10/21/07 Striking a Balance
7/17/07 Sifting and Sorting
1/16/07 The Uphill Battle
11/30/06 The Will to Do Good
11/17/06 Mum's the Word
9/1/06 The Joy of Bible Study
5/24/06 Rethinking a Previous Column
4/12/06 Cause and Effect
3/12/06 An After-the-War Scenario
1/23/06 The Doomsday Business
12/18/05 Getting No Love
12/2/05 Quiet, Personal Faith
10/9/05 Learning to Walk Softly
9/13/05 In The Wake of The Enlightenment
8/22/05 Israel: A Sense of Proportion
7/28/05 A Rambling Moan about the State of the Faith
7/8/05 Just what do you mean, Orthodox?
6/14/05 Yearning for the Return
5/23/05 Love Covers, Hate Exposes
5/12/05 The Rain on Our Parades
4/11/05 What's The Point of Blogging?
4/4/05 Winners Define "Orthodoxy"
3/27/05 Faith Busters or Faith Builders?
3/1/05 Personal Theologies: We All Have One
2/13/05 The Future According to the CIA
2/6/05 Perils of Popularizing
2/5/05 Censorship in the Churches of God!
12/19/04 The Irrational Fear of Becoming Laodicean--or Worse!
12/1/04 Denominations: A good thing, or a bad thing?
11/17/04 The Real Situation in the Pod
10/21/04 A World of Change
9/23/04 The Spirit of Treason
9/21/04 The "Church" -- A Divided House of Hate?
8/27/04 The Crme-Colored Rolls Royce
8/24/04 Fall Cleaning
7/12/04 Three Taboo Subjects
5/20/04 The Problem with Organized Religion
4/19/04 Happiness: A Moral Obligation
4/10/04 Musings on Ministry
3/2/04 Understanding in Three Tiers
2/9/04 The Politics of Everything
1/23/04 Where's The Power in The Church?
1/12/04 Reconciling Myself to Art
12/29/03 Can Bad Manners Make You Sick?
12/29/03 The Underreported Holocaust
12/23/03 Who's Better Off Because You're Here?
11/12/03 Getting At The Truth
9/5/03 The Gay Bishop Dilemma
8/14/03 What Matters Most: Achievement or Goodness?
7/16/03 Found: The Perfect Diet! (Not)
7/4/03 Roots Wrinkle
5/28/03 A Saddening Story
4/13/03 Powerism
4/6/03 On Being A Christian in Troubled Times
4/1/03 Idealism vs Realpolitic
3/3/03 Why Go To All The Trouble?
2/7/03 Adventures In Book Publishing
11/25/02 Why Be Religious?
7/2/02 No Doctrinal Changes Coming Soon
6/25/02 How Authoritarianism Creates Hollow Men
6/13/02 Lincoln's Message for Today's America
6/13/02 Back To Basics
3/27/02 The High Price of Truth-Telling
3/12/02 We Are What We Speak
3/12/02 The Real "Axis of Evil"
2/25/02 Spiritual Cause and Effect
1/25/02 Approaching Burnout
1/20/02 A Generation is Passing
11/11/01 Another Presidential Pardon?
10/28/01 Are Christians Called To Pacifism?
10/28/01 Getting Back To Basics
10/28/01 7 Ways To Deal With Evil
10/28/01 The Barbarians Are At The Gates
9/9/01 Writing Into The Ether
8/31/01 When It Comes To Heroes . . .
8/24/01 Precursors to Tyranny
8/22/01 Constructive Disagreement: Is It Possible?
6/11/01 Environmental Marxism --  A Deadly Threat
6/4/01 Thoughts About the Thought Police
4/20/01 A Radical Proposal
4/3/01 What's Wrong With This Picture?
2/6/01 The Nature of The Beast
2/6/01 Heads Up: Persecution Is On The Way
12/3/00 The Futility of Arguing in Authoritarian Cultures
10/29/00 Is There Any Hope for Israel?
9/27/00 When Kings Go To War
9/10/00  The Right to Bear Arms Takes Another Hit
8/8/00 Frogs in the Pot
8/6/00 Postmodernism: More Dangerous than Darwinism?
8/4/00 Who Are The "Walking Wounded" of Churches?
6/16/00 Preparing To Abandon Taiwan?
5/24/00 Canada Takes Another Shot at Freedom of Speech
5/24/00 Giving Away America Piecemeal
5/23/00 Spitting Into The Wind
4/2/00 "Gun Control" Issue: Exercise in Demagoguery
2/15/00 Arafat and Vatican Sign Pact
1/5/00 The Lone Ranger
12/24/99 The Homosexual Issue--What's Really At Stake
12/7/99 Religious Disinformation -- A Growing Problem
11/19/99 Sun Tzu & Modern Chinese Strategy
11/12/99 One More Nail in the Family Coffin
08/10/99 The Pope & The Archbishop-Where Are They Headed?
08/10/99 Freedom: How to Preserve It?
08/10/99 Moral Leadership--From Whence Does It Come?
07/20/99 Concerning Coffins, Tables & Eyes
07/13/99 The Devils We Don't Know
07/08/99 What's Secret About It?
07/06/99 Monkey See, Monkey Do
06/25/99 Yesterday's Taboos Today's "Lifestyle Choices"
06/11/99 Witch Army?
06/06/99 What God Empowers
06/02/99 A Lesson From Littleton
06/02/99 Big Brother Gets Wheels
06/02/99 Sex, Liberals, Conservatives, and the Bible
05/01/99 Disarming the Populace -- Agenda Proceeds Apace
03/29/99 Church Types
03/06/99 The "Culture Wars" – Are They Real?
09/18/98 America the Defenseless?
09/15/98 Supply and Demand
08/13/98 A Tale of Two Kingdoms
08/11/98 The Inconvenient Faith
08/05/98 The Bishop of Unbelief