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Book Reviews


Author Book Title Reviewer
Roy Blizzard The Bible Sex and You Brian Knowles
David Klinghoffer How Would God Vote?: Why The Bible Commands You to be a Conservative Noel Rude
James D. Tabor Restoring Abrahamic Faith Ken Westby
Roy B. Blizzard Jesus the Rabbi and his Rabbinic Method of Teaching Brian Knowles
Gary Arvidson King David’s Lost Tomb and Treasure Dr Doug Ward
Ron Mosely YESHUA – Jewish Roots Brian Knowles
Anterburn/Felton Toxic Faith Brian Knowles

Links to’s Favorite Web Sites


One God/Christian Monotheism
We recommend you visit an excellent website devoted exclusively to Christian Monotheism. It challenges the Trinitarian tradition and provides  biblical arguments that disprove the Trinity and that affirm that God is one singular being–the Creator and Father of Jesus and all mankind. Its extensive media library contains most of the presentations from our One God Seminars plus dozens of other well-researched presentations from a variety of speakers.A comprehensive resource for Scriptures related to unitary monotheism.

Grace & Knowledge
Dr Doug Ward edits a valuable journal of Judeo-Christian history, theology, culture, and one that promotes an understanding and appreciation of the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The website contains all previously published journals.

Bible Study Web Site: “You have questions; the Bible has answers.” Thousands visit the site monthly to pull information from the 55,000 items that represent the best of Church of God resources.

Ken Ryland Home Page: Offers a variety of thoughtful articles to stimulate Christian awareness and growth. Ryland is a frequent contributor to the pages of The New Millennium.

Sabbath Keepers International:
This site lists various Sabbatarian groups from around the world. Its mission is provide a place of contact for churches and individuals who share the Sabbath Day tradition.

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus:
Dr. James D. Tabor’s site contains a trove of material from biblical archaeology to the teachings of ancient Judaism. Valuable background for the serious Bible student.

The Journal:
A monthly tabloid providing news of the Church of God in the Sabbatarian tradition. A good mix of news, events, people, editorials and essays. Ably edited by Dixon Cartwright.

Coleen’s Blog:
Inspirational thoughts and experiences from a “common, ordinary” woman’s spiritual walk.

News/Politics/Culture/Current Events

Center for the Study of Popular Culture:
David Horowitz is the founder of this organization located at the seat of the beast–Hollywood. Horowitz, once a radical 60s leftist, now is one of the conservatism’s most compelling intellectual voices. The center has an on-line magazine and publishes the monthly journal “Heterodoxy” — an irreverent look at the follies of political correctness and other liberal enthusiasms.

Conservative Net.Com:
Up to the minute news stories presented by a conservative news service.

First Things:
A monthly journal of religion and public life. An outstanding critique of modern culture and religion. Editor Richard John Neuhaus is one of the great minds of our time. Articles are always illuminating and most journal articles can be read on line.

Investor’s Business Daily:
A solid source for all the most important news–in brief. And an excellent site to get straight economic news.

Jewish World Review:
A pro-religion, pro-family web site of daily news and articles with emphasis upon Israel, Jewish culture and history.

Judicial Watch:
Watch dog organization led by Larry Klayman. A small but effective organization dedicated to holding the political crooks and hypocrites accountable.

A monthly magazine for “free minds and free markets.” It examines politics, culture, and ideas from a dynamic libertarian perspective. It’s an intellectual publication that has never heard of “politically correct.”

The National Review:
Bill Buckley’s marvelous creation. Simply the best semi-monthly opinion magazine there is. “I’ve been subscribing to it for 20 years” –K. Westby.

The American Spectator:
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is the founder and editor of the best monthly opinion magazine there is. Good humor and excellent investigative reporting set it apart. “I’ve been taking this one for 20 years, too” –K. Westby.

Town Hall.Com: 
Balanced news articles from non-mainstream news sources. An interactive mall of ideas.

World Tribune.Com:
Quick stop for national and international news from respected newspapers, web sources, and think tanks.

(This list of recommended web links will continue to grow as new sites of extraordinary value are discovered. Recommendations are welcomed.)