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Jesus Symbol of God by Ken Westby

See Agenda for 2012 Seminar — June 2-3 (below)

Austin, TX 11th Annual One God Seminar, June 2-3, 2012. Pick a seminar to listen to–entire audio available: Click:

On the Oneness of God  by Noel Rude  (2/12)

Incarnation: God Became Man?  by Don Sena  (3/11)

Does the Bible Say Jesus is God?  by Kermit Zarley, paper from One God Seminar (11/10)

What Must I Do to be Saved? by Kermit Zarley, paper from One God Seminar (11/10)

Are There Two LORDS in Genesis 19:24?  by Noel Rude (7/10)

John 1 The Word With God, How not Who by Don Sena (6/10)

Jesus Claimed No Past Eternity by Don Sena (4/10)

But a Body hast Thou Prepared Me  by Noel Rude  (7/09)

Who Is The Creator in Col. 2:16?  by Mel Hershberger (7/09)

Did Jesus Preexist in Heaven?  by Servetus the Evangelical  (7/09)

Let’s Argue with God  by Ken Westby (6/09)

Genesis 1:26: The One God and the Many Angels  by Don Sena (5/09)

Addenda to Preexistence Verses: “He was before me” Jn 1:15, 30; Who is Melchizedek?  by Noel Rude (4/09)

Addenda to Biblical Verses Supposedly Supportive of Preexistence  (4/09)

Unweaving the Trinity  by Noel Rude (1/09)

Biblical Verses Supposedly Supportive of Preexistence  by Noel Rude (1/09)

“Either God or a Madman or . . .”  by Ken Westby (8/08)

Seattle One God Seminar debate on the Trinity. Hear it at:

Yet Another Music City Miracle (“Saved” without the Trinity?) by J. Dan Gill (2008)

/An excellent on-air debate on the Trinity and divinity of Jesus with Sean Finnegan making the case for One God: 

For more on Sean’s Trinity Debate click here:

Actions Speak Louder  by Brian Knowles

June 2007 Albany, NY One God Seminar agenda

May 2006 Atlanta, GA One God Seminar agenda

Jesus the Apostle  by Ken Westby  (2006)

The Mystery of Monotheism    by Tom Roberts  (2006)

Is Jesus the great “I AM”?   by Ken Westby (2006) with comments from Noel Rude (2007)

Who Saved Jesus?  by Ken Westby (2006)

Jesus: God or Son of God?  by Ken Westby  (2006)

The Angel Gabriel was not a Trinitarian (or Binatarian)  by Ken Westby  (2006)

Should Jesus Be Worshipped?  by Sean Finnegan  (2005)

The LORD and the Lord  by Jonathan Sjordal (2006)

How Does Christ’s Sacrifice Work to Forgive Sin?  by Kenneth Westby  (2006)

A Dissertation on Christology  by Rick Bowie  (2007)