ACD Writers

ACD’s Blog is dated log of web commentary from a variety of writers. The field of subjects will be broad: news, culture, morality, biblical doctrine, prophecy, history, and spiritual inspiration. The style or tone of commentary will run from rant to quiet meditation. We welcome your feedback and if you want to submit a comment, write us at Here is a partial list of some bloggers you will be reading.

Mike Dodaro — Musician and writer. Currently a cantor and choral musician, he has sung in churches of many denominations and in Seattle Opera productions. Employed at Microsoft as a programming writer, he has also published literary criticism in First Things and the New Oxford Review. His education includes BA in English Literature from the University of Washington and an MA in theology and philosophy from Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives in Redmond, WA.  For more on music see: On church alienation:

Brian Knowles — Writer, artist, biblical researcher and teacher with a special focus on the Hebrew roots of Christianity, former editor of several major publications–secular and religious, former pastor. Lives in Monrovia, CA.

Ken Ryland —  Editor of The Sabbath Sentinel, full-time technical writer, past editor of Spanish language publications, long-time Bible student. Writes from Wichita, KS.

Doug Ward, PhD — Professor of mathematics at the Miami University (Ohio), biblical researcher and teacher, writer with a special interest in the Hebrew roots of Christianity. He lives in Oxford, OH.

Ken Westby — ACD webmaster, editor of The New Millennium, host and pastor of the weekly Virtual Church, founder of the Association for Christian Development. Lives in Auburn, WA.