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Hebrew Roots

Back to Basics–Part One: The Kingdom of God (Hebrew Roots Feature, Knowles 6/02)

Prayer Without Ceasing
— A Lesson from Hebrew Spirituality (Ward 12/02)

Special Articles and Commentary

Rest In Peace  A call to the neglected art of meditation. A world of peace and understanding await. (K. Westby 11/02)

A Dangerous World For Christians  The legion enemies of Christianity don’t care about the differences among us. Claiming to be a Christian is enough for blood to flow. (Knowles 11/02)

Why Be Religious?  The Church of God wars all but put the Christian light under a dumpster. (Knowles 11/02)

Nabal — The Ultimate Fool   The fool has said in his heart there is not God. Are we ever guilty of such stupidity? (Dr Doug Ward 8/02)

The Ephrata Cloister:  A Sabbatrian Commune in Colonial Pennsylvania  The fascinating story of successes and failures of an utopian dream. (Dr Doug Ward 7/02)

Who Was Melchizedek?  This mysterious Bible character has eluded definitive identity for centuries. Here is a surprising proposal. (Lavers 6/02)

How Authoritarianism Creates Hollow Men  The credentials of true ministers are the quality of their relationship to God and their service to His people. Denominational “rank” means nothing to God. (Knowles 6/02)

Lincoln’s Message for Today’s America  This God-conscious president has a sermon for America. (Knowles 6/02).

Back To Basics   Belonging to the One and Only True Church isn’t one of them. (Knowles 6/02)

The High Price of Truth-Telling  Telling the truth can get you killed, which it frequently does. (Knowles 3/02).

A Case of Rigormortis    Some Christians are showing the signs of it. Are you? (Westby 3/02)

We Are What We Speak    Words can kill or heal. They can tear down or build up. They can reflect God or the devil. So what is it with us and our words? (Knowles 3/02)

The Real “Axis of Evil”  Are we to understand it in terms of three rogue nations or is there a bigger picture that must be seen? (Knowles 3/02)

Spiritual Cause and Effect  Spiritual success, like success in any important area of life, is no accident. It is the result of certain actions and attitudes. (Knowles 2/02)

Approaching Burnout  At least on doctrinal disputes with alumni from his old church organization. Tired of finding fights when he wasn’t looking for any, Brian Knowles vows to keep his mouth shut on doctrinal questions. Let’s see how long he lasts. (Knowles 1/02)

A Generation Is Passing  This month a preacher and a teacher died. Left behind is their legacy–they can add no more. You and I are still working on ours. (Knowles 1/02)

A New Look at Prophecy  In a lengthy survey of old assumptions on end-time events, Steve Collins presents a challenging new view. You may not come to his conclusions, but you will have fresh data to form you own new look at prophecy. (1/02)

Christian Faith and Military Service  Steve Collins searches the Scriptures for justification of an anti-military service position…and finds little. (1/02)

Spiritual Maturity— How We Can Achieve It  (Knowles 1/02)

Bible Study Notes

What is a “Pericope”? (9/02)

The Real Meaning of Torah (9/02)

Why Exegetical Confusion? 

Basic Rules for NT Exegesis

Consider the Historical Context

Analyze The Grammar 

Analyze Important Words