2001 Blog Archive

Learning From The Recurring Themes In The Pentateuch — It’s Deja Vu All Over Again (11/01)

Does the Bible Teach that Christians are Required to Tithe? 

Did Abraham and Jacob Tithe by Law? 

Who Is “Lucifer”? (4/01)

What Was Jesus’ “Good News”? 

Toxic Faith  A book review by Brian Knowles (12/01)

Another Presidential Pardon?  Bill Clinton has done it again. This time he has given intellectual cover for the perverted perpetrators of the September 11 attack on America. (Knowles 11/01)

The Barbarians Are At The Gates  Ancient Rome wasn’t up to the challenge and it collapsed. How will we fare? (Knowles 10/01)

Getting Back To Basics   What do you really know that you know for sure? What can you depend on if everything around you proves false? (Knowles 10/01)

7 Ways To Deal With Evil  Now that people will admit to the existence of evil (after 9/11/01) the question becomes how do we confront it? As a nation, as an individual? (Knowles 10/01)

Are Christians Called To Pacifism?   Is it pass the Bible or pass the ammunition in the face of attack? Or both? Actually the Bible is quite clear on the subject of defense and war. (Knowles 10/01)

Writing Into The Ether  Does anybody read what I write? I’m sure there are a few who do, but I must ask myself, is it worth the time and effort? Why do I bother?… I have my reasons. (Knowles 9/01)

When It Comes To Heroes . . .  In a moving tribute, Brian Knowles reveals his greatest hero. (8/01)

Precursors to Tyranny  Is our democracy becoming socialistic? The answer should be obvious. But socialism is not benign; it’s a big step toward tyranny. Look for these signs…. (Knowles 8/01)

Constructive Disagreement: Is It Possible?  It probably is, but my experience with the Church of God community speaks otherwise. But I remain hopeful. (Knowles 8/01)

Environmental Marxism — Deadly Threat  It’s become a religion and a giant power grab. It is also the enemy of Christianity. (Knowles 6/01)

Thoughts About The Thought Police  Their power is growing, not waning. They stand ready to enforce politically correct speech & thought. They patrol everywhere, including your local church. (BK 6/01)

Miracle on Highway 93  If you doubt miracles still happen, read this. (Vines 5/01)

The Real “Ark Mystery”  Dr. Doug Ward answers the questions, What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? and Does it Matter? (5/01)

A Radical Proposal  A four-point proposal for the various Church of God groups to clean up their act. Who will be the first to take the challenge? (BK 4/01)

Cars Don’t Grow From The Ground  Here is how it all works: Man rules and fashions the earth; God rules and fashions man. We know how to make Cadillacs out of the earth, but just how is God working his raw material–us? (KW 4/01)

What’s Wrong With This Picture?  Sperm donors in demand as our culture moves to re-engineer the modern family. The results are frightening, but no matter, what counts isn’t the pathetic misery kids experience growing up in these dysfunctional settings, but who’s behind the reforms. (BK 4/01)

The Nature of The Beast  We arenot getting the true scoop about what is happening between Israel and its Arab enemies. The news is doctored to help the enemies of Israel. The question is…why? (BK 2/01)

Heads Up: Persecution Is On The Way  Western post-Christian culture has painted a target on Christians. Should we stand up to defend the Faith? (BK 2/01)