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Pastor Joseph Kimani of East Africa.  Read about the purpose of his recent trip to the USA and his ministry to his brethren in Kenya. 12/00

The Futility of Arguing in Authoritarian Cultures  You’ve heard of the expression “Whistling Dixie past the graveyard” — it may make you feel better, but it worthless to providing any real safety. Likewise for open debate in closed churches. (BK 12/3/00)

Is There Any Hope for Israel?  Short-term the picture is grim. Mid-term it is grimmer. Long term there is hope. (BK 10/29/00)

When Kings Go To War  For one thing, they usually don’t do the fighting and don’t get killed–which makes it easier for them to go to war. The worse the leaders the worse the wars. What is the present quality of our leader/kings? Do we really get the leaders we deserve? If so, it’s a scary prospect. (9/27/00)

The Right to Bear Arms Takes Another Hit  No trivial matter just of concern to “gun nuts.” An essential safeguard for every man, woman and child is being seriously threatened. Brian Knowles (9/10/00).

Israelites, Gentiles, and The New Covenant  Surprise–The Gospel is found in the Old Testament. Ken Ryland (8/14/00).

Frogs in the Pot  The status quo is not where the churches of God should find rest. We are called out of our comfort zone to do battle against the everywhere forces of darkness. Does someone have a battle plan? Brian Knowles (8/8/00).

Postmodernism: More Dangerous than Darwinism? It is corrupting the intellectual underpinnings of the next generation. Reason, logic and facts are out the window. Truth doesn’t need to be discovered, it can be created. Brian Knowles (8/6/00).

Who Are The “Walking Wounded” of Churches? Hot off the press is a new book written by Brian Knowles, Because There Was No Shepherd. It introduces us to the walking wounded and how they got wounded. Most importantly, it lays out a program for healing the wounds so walking wounded need not be a permanent state. Read this article and I think you will want to get the book. 8/4/00

Preparing To Abandon Taiwan? Brian Knowles takes aim at the double-crossers who would turn their backs to a friendly democratic nation in favor of a communist enemy nation. Posted 6/16/00

The Gun Control Issue: Exercise in Demagoguery  What are the anti-gun forces really after? Safety? or Power and Control? Posted 4/2/00

Pope and Arafat Sign Pact  What business does the Vatican have in siding with the Arabs against the Jews? Is Jerusalem to become an “international city”? Prophecy may give us a clue. Posted 2/15/00

The Sabbath: “Worthless Manna”?  Posted 2/3/00

Which Language Did Jesus Speak–Aramaic or Hebrew?  The argument continues. You be the judge.

The Lone Ranger  Brian Knowles pays tribute to the disappearing breed of men and women of character who were proud to wear “white hats.”

Underestimating God, Overestimating Evil  A common mistake, but one that blurs our vision and fills our lives with unfounded fears.

Science Has Discovered . . . The Amazing 7-Day Cycle!  Creation was made to move to the beat of the Creator and that beat is Seven.

Religious Disinformation — A Growing Problem  Rumors fly about this or that new discovery in Israel, secret government plots to hide either Noah’s or the Temple’s Ark, miracles, and so on. If ever Christians needed a “crock detector” — it’s now.

Sun Tzu & Modern Chinese Strategy   The Chinese have a plan and it’s not good news for the USA and other free nations. When you find out what they’re up to, you may see red.

One More Nail In The Family Coffin    Do your children belong to you or to the State? As it now stands, father (or mother) doesn’t know best–the Nanny State does.

The Pope & The Archbishop–Where Are They Headed? The Roman pontiff flexes his muscle and redefines doctrine. Meanwhile the Church of England fades. What’s ahead?

Great Joy In Tribulation!  Hmong Christians stand up for their faith and pay the ultimate price.

Freedom: How to Preserve It? Freedom isn’t the natural state of mankind under governments, in fact, it is rare. How long will we in America keep it?

Moral Leadership–From Whence Does It Come? Parents are working, TV is running, and kids want to be cool.

Concerning Coffins, Tables & Eyes  You have eyes, but does God consider them “good eyes”?

The Devils We Don’t Know  These devils are in Africa and they kill, rape, and enslave Christians. Why don’t we bomb them? Is it because they are Islamic and they only kill Christians?

What’s Secret About It? What’s happened to our military leaders? Have they gone crazy or have I?

Monkey See, Monkey Do Hollywood works hard to portray America awash in guns and violence. With this cartoon of America in mind, Big Government comes to our rescue. It will confiscate guns from the law abiding. Don’t you feel safer already?

Yesterday’s Taboos Today’s “Lifestyle Choices” It doesn’t get much more revolting than this. Here is what “defining deviancy downward” is all about. Put the sign painters to work as God is renaming our land “Sodom.”

Witch Army? Move over military chaplains and make room for pagan priests and priestesses. Your tax dollars will now insure that the rituals of witchcraft can be practiced by our men and women in uniform. Is this a great country or what?

What God Empowers There is no shortage of words from preachers of every sort. God, however, is quite particular which words he chooses to bless.

A Lesson From Littleton Missed in the coverage . . . a young Christian martyr receives her White Robe.

Sex, Liberals, Conservatives, and the Bible Sex myths, ignorance, and extremes abound. Let’s get the biblical facts straight.

Big Brother Gets Wheels Big Brother is now riding shotgun in your Chevy’s back seat. Black box surveillance means further erosion of your privacy.

Gary Arvidson’s Daniel 11:40-45 Outline This is a detailed compliment to Gary’s presentation on ACD’s Cyber Services 4/24/99. His time was limited on our phone conference to expand on his revolutionary thesis on this central end-time prophecy.  In a coming presentation Gary will lay out the implications to end-of-the-age scenarios if Daniel 11:40-45 has a historical fulfillment.  (Tune in weekly at 11 AM Pacific Time: Dial: 918-222-7158.)

Disarming the Populace — Agenda Precedes Apace Brian Knowles’ opinion piece in the wake of the murders in Littleton, Colorado

Q & A on The Sabbath A question and answer style discussion of various topics relating to the Sabbath day.

Q & A on Individual Judgments and Responsibility A dialogue on how the individual, church, and ministry relate in matters of authority, decisions, and accountability.