Thank you for your tape “Sabbath—God’s Gift.” It was very probably the finest message on the Sabbath I have ever heard.


I have been reading your publication “The New Millennium” and especially The Tomb of David series. I’m sure I missed one or two segments in our recent move—which I’ll need to request. I’ve been emphatically searching your writing for the little goodies which they seem to contain.


I am sorry to say that I think you are wasting a lot of paper and people’s time with Gary Arvidson’s articles on David’s tomb. What nonsense. Of course he is buried somewhere, and of course the tomb has never been found. But there is absolutely no evidence that a great treasure was buried with him. For what? To use in the afterlife? Come on, now. He left his treasure to Solomon, where it was needed.


I’ve really enjoyed Brian Knowles’ series on the early synagogue structures. He’s “right on” regarding church government issues. I roared with laughter at this assertion the church is “spiritually constipated,” but I do think the idea that Junia was an apostle (because of one obscure scriptural reference) is far-fetched. Concerning Gary Arvidson’s series on the Tomb of David, I half expect him to conclude the series with a photo of himself sitting atop a pile of David’s treasure with a caption saying “I found it!” Seriously, my guess is he will conclude it may be buried in the catacombs under the Temple Mount.

—South Dakota

I really appreciate the articles in The New Millennium, especially the article by Brian Knowles “Influence of Home and Synagogue on Early Church Structure.” This article is very enlightening and revealing making the scriptures more understandable in the light of customs and society at that time.

—Laguna, Philippines

My favorite parts of TNM are your Keeping Watch column, which I always read, and Gary Arvidson’s series on David’s Tomb. I hope he puts his research into a book one of these days.

—Manitoba, Canada

In my ever-going search for truth, I have been “turned off” by so many groups—petty rules and regulations, judgmental attitudes, etc. I just need the Word of God in plain English. I need something to keep me going; something to help me raise my children properly. I am impressed with The New Millennium. Keep up the good work!


I thought your article by Ken Ryland on “Salvation on Sunday” was right on target. We neglect to ask, “Who do we think we are” criticizing others who really do worship Christ. Bravo.


Thank you for the latest New Millennium. Each issue that arrives is copied and placed in our libraries for all to read. With this in mind, we would be most interested in any back issues you may have so we can circulate them around New Zealand. Thanks again for such an interesting read.

—Auckland, New Zealand