I appreciate your little magazine, The New Millennium. I derive pleasure and understanding from reading and studying its contents—it’s one of the few pleasures I have in this life. I’m approaching 90 years of age. Please send your tape on “The Amazing Double Miracle of Christ.”

— B.C., Canada

 Thanks for the audio tape “100 Years from Now!” It helped bring things back into focus from the muddle of daily life.

— Montana

 Your taped message “The Mysterious Seven Day Cycle” was the first sermon my wife sat through and really listened to and enjoyed! — thank you. It was also one of the most fascinating and exciting subjects I’ve heard in many years.

— B.C., Canada

 I’m looking forward to part 8 of “David’s Tomb” series. Enclosed is a small offering to help with ACD’s financial need. I noted a tinge of an apology with your recent request for support. You needn’t. I’m the one who needs to apologize for not helping on a more regular basis. I look forward to The New Millennium—both in print and in fact.

— New Mexico

 From the Electronic Mailbox:

I am inquiring as to the e.mail availability of Brian Knowles’ excellent article, “The Influence of Home and Synagogue On Early Church Structure.” I would be very interested in having this article posted or linked to InterAct’s Home Page serving Home Fellowships within the Sabbatarrian community.

— Maryland

 With these words I express my admiration and support for Ken Ryland and his “Salvation on Sunday” article in The New Millennium (2/97). The article dared to challenge an opinion that prevailed in much of the Church of God (Seventh Day) and reached maximum strength, perhaps, about the middle of this century. It is now in decline among us, a fact for which I am truly grateful. The article was well done; it needs nothing more to make it both appealing and convincing. Keep on saying it!

— Calvin Burrell, Church of God (Seventh Day)