Like it or not, postmodernism has arrived and it isn’t Christian-friendly. Some claim that it is even more dangerous than Darwinism. From a Christian perspective, it is malevolent in all of its manifestations — mostly because it signals the death of truth as we have known and understood it.

The Christian community has seldom been prepared for the fiery intellectual darts hurled at it out of the darkness of this world. It wasn’t ready for the Enlightenment, for Darwinism, or for scientific materialism – and it isn’t ready for postmodernism.

At the moment, there is in the West a palpable tension between three conflicting worldviews: the Biblical or traditionally Christian, the scientifically materialist and the postmodernistic. The second seeks to discredit the first, and the third is opposed to both the first and the second. The world of Christian apologetics is still playing catch-up with materialism, and now it is faced with a new and even more serious challenge.

Postmodernism now competes with materialism (modernism) in almost every sphere of thought and life in the West. It is pervasive in Academia. Like a toxic rain, it is trickling down into politics, journalism, media, film, literature and even religion. It is at its most dangerous in lower education, for there it is corrupting the intellectual underpinnings of the next generation. Outcome-based education is a product of this mentality.

What then is postmodernism? Where did it come from? Who is advancing its cause?

Here is a brief description of postmodernism from the book The Death of Truth edited by David McCallum:

“Postmodernists believe that truth is created, not discovered. They think things like reason, rationality and confidence in science are cultural biases. They contend that those who trust reason – and things based on reason, like science, Western education, and governmental structures – unknowingly act out their European conditioning. This conditioning seeks to keep power in the hands of the social elite.”

Modernism was, and is, bad enough. It continues to represent opposition to all things Biblical; but at least it provided a solid basis for science and for the liberal republic that has become the most prosperous nation in human history. Post-modernism trashes hard science and replaces it with a relativistic blend of multi-cultural quasi-sciences, occultism and subjectivism. It is set to undermine everything that has made America both great and free.

Underpinnings of Final World Order?

I do not believe that I am trafficking in hyperbole or scare tactics here. I see the above as a simple statement of fact. (Of course in postmodernism, there is no “fact.”)

It is entirely possible that postmodernism may provide the ideological underpinnings for the new – and perhaps final — world order. Now I realize that if you are a “recovering apocaholic” this isn’t going to sit well with you. Sorry. The Bible does contain prophecies relating to last things – things that will occur just prior to the return of Messiah and the establishment of the Messianic Age. It seems clear that if you interpret Revelation 13 literally (as opposed to allegorically), that there will appear on the world scene two human leaders, inspired and empowered by Satan, who will together control four major areas of life: politics, the military, the economy and religion. Interestingly, religion and the global economy are tied together in a bundle under the so-called “false prophet” (Revelation 13:11-18). Politics and the military come under “the beast” (Revelation 13:1-10).

As we watch our present world order “morphing” into the new global order, we are able to observe changes in the major areas that make up the total culture. Symptoms of postmodernism are myriad and omnipresent. Here are but a few:

  • The pursuit of political power through environmental issues (supported by junk science). Watch Clinton, Gore and Gorbachev in this area.
  • Outcome-based education.
  • The political correctness movement.
  • The rise of the Big Brother nanny state with its social engineering.
  • The New Age movement in all of its permutations.
  • The celebration of “multi-culturalism” (i.e. pagan religions) accompanied by the discounting and persecution of Fundamentalist Christianity.
  • The Press and Media’s inability to objectively discuss cause & effect (emphasis on feelings at the expense of facts).
  • A general subjectivity and cynicism throughout the culture.
  • Foreign policy focusing on “interests” rather than principle.
  • The “dissing” or ignoring of the Constitution.
  • A disdain for factual history. Revisionist history emphasizing the role of minorities.
  • Ignoring or downing the role of “dead white European males.”
  • Moral relativism.
  • Moral wrongs becoming human rights. Formation of human rights commissions.

You get the picture. The list could become encyclopedic. The above is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Those of us who are older find it difficult to make sense out of much of anything that goes on these days: education, the news, movies, literature, and especially politics. The reason is that reason and logic are out the window. Objective science is being trashed. The rules of rational thought have been abrogated. Now everyone creates his or her own reality. There is no objective standard for measuring right and wrong. All morality is relative. You can’t know anything except that you can’t know anything. There are no absolutes, and they’re absolutely sure of it.

I believe that it is important for every editor, writer and teacher in the Churches of God to become fully informed on the nature of postmodernism, and its implications for the Christian faith in the West. We need to inform our members and readers concerning it, and show them how to refute and resist this well advanced toxic ideology. Postmodern thinking is insinuating itself into every area of life in our culture, including theology. It has already done irreparable damage. If it is not resisted, it will do much more. Your freedom to live and function as a Bible-believing Christian is in serious and imminent jeopardy. Truth itself is under siege. The very foundations of traditional Western civilization are crumbling under the onslaught to postmodernism. You owe it to yourself and to your progeny to make an all-out effort to resist this kind of thinking at every turn.

If you want to know what’s going on in the real world, and why our culture appears to be descending into intellectual, scientific, political and moral chaos, read either of the following two books: The Death of Reason edited by David McCallum and A Time for Truth by Os Guinness. Or check out the web page