Last March, Canada’s Health Authority, Health Canada, quarantined the nation’s sperm banks after a woman contracted chlamydia from a donor’s sperm. The Health Authority then imposed tough new testing standards for donated sperm. The standards are now the most rigorous in the world and they have been applied retroactively to existing supplies.

Until recently, Canada played host to some 57 sperm banks. Their stocks of sperm took years to collect. With the new testing standards in place however, the banks found that they could no longer meet the demand for sperm. They found it difficult to locate enough of the original donors – even with the use of private detectives – to perform re-testing prior to asking them for new deposits. Consequently, most of the sperm banks went belly up. Today, only ten remain in business.

This has resulted in what is being termed a “sperm shortfall.” Now needy Canadians are being forced into the humiliating act of shopping for American sperm. Private sperm banks in the US control some 67 percent of the international semen distribution business. In the past year, Canadian orders for American semen have increased one hundred-fold, and “authorities” predict that this will increase as the demand grows – a statement of the obvious if there ever was one.

How to be a sperm donor
Sperm donors, both here and in Canada, must undergo a series of blood and urine tests before making their deposit. This includes two HIV tests six months apart. Once they have finally passed muster, the donor is required to make his deposit into a sterile container (which is then labeled and carefully preserved until someone wants it). The donor then walks away; hopefully red faced, with a crisp new $20 bill in his pocket – maybe even two of them.

Donors of course prefer to donate anonymously. In Britain, however, the courts have decided that the children of sperm donors have a right to know who their parents are. This has significantly diminished the number of men willing to donate, both in Britain and in Canada. Canadians fear that the same kind of legislation will appear in their country.

Prior to the quarantine, some 3500 Canadian women per year were impregnated with donated sperm.

Let’s not even talk about egg donors, who get much more money for their eggs than men do for their semen. Suffice it to say that a prize egg can bring its donor up to $50,000! Assumedly, this confirms the relative worthlessness of men these days.

A Surreal World
All this seems to me to be downright surreal. My country, Canada, has changed so much since I left it in 1968, that today it seems a different, and very strange place altogether. When I visit my children and grandchildren in British Columbia, I am hit by culture shock – every time. The UN views Canada as one of the most livable nations on earth. For me, it would be near impossible to live there again. As much as I love my country’s physical qualities – there is no more beautiful country on earth – I can no longer abide its insufferable politics, its rapacious taxation, its anti-Christian bias and its socialist ugliness. In today’s Canada, Government is God and the true God has been consigned to the twilight zone of political incorrectness. The people who hold power these days are, for the most part, a liberal, ungodly, morally relativistic, politically correct, globalist lot. This seems true both at the political and the bureaucratic levels.

This is not to say that there are not good people in government – there are. My son is one of them. I’m talking here about the general tone of the socialist-type of governance that is popular in Canada today.

The Traditional Family as Artifact
Canada’s sperm shortfall is merely one symptom of how far the nation has gone down tubes since I left (though not because I left). It is utterly bizarre that such a dilemma could even exist. Yet Canada is little different than many other nations for whose citizens the traditional family is a mere artifact of the past. Today, in the United States for example, illegitimate births have increased 523 percent since 1960. In this country more than two-thirds of black children, 42.1 percent of Hispanic children, and 22 percent of white children are born out of wedlock. More than 80 percent of black women in this country will be single heads of households at some point in their lives. The median income of a two-parent family is typically four times that of never-married women with children. Some 72 percent of teenage murderers, 70 percent of long-term prison inmates, and 60 percent of rapists come from fatherless homes. Clearly the American family has fallen on hard times, and the fruit of family disintegration is bitter indeed.

In the face of this familial anarchy, along with anonymous sperm donating, one wonders how many children are going to wind up unwittingly marrying siblings? And what will be the result of that?

It is also heartbreaking to ponder the myriad of children who wonder what it’s like to have a real father in their lives.

Spawn of The Sixties
The disintegration of the traditional family in the Western world is the spawn of the Sexual Revolution of the 60s. That in turn was the result of Leftist subversion that eventually permeated every level of our culture. The philosophical seeds that were sown then have grown into a crop of pervasive weeds that threatens to destroy every good thing in our once predominantly Judaeo-Christian culture. Hippies, the drug culture, the free and filthy speech movements, communes, feminism, and other liberal, socialist and communist ideas have produced in our day a harvest hideous indeed.

For some strange reason, those who are responsible for transforming our culture don’t seem to make any connection between bad seed and bitter fruit. Either that or they do, and they are doing it deliberately. How do I know this? — because they continue to propound the same old destructive ideas. They insist on promoting adultery, singles sex, homosexuality, abortion-on-demand, pedophilia, human cloning, sperm banks, sex education sans moral teaching, and every other aberration without regard to the obvious consequences.

Those who believe in socialism continue to embrace the illusion that Government is God, and that the elite who run it somehow know better than the rest of us what’s good for us. Yet the Brave New World they are incrementally producing is a grotesque, surreal one that increasingly reminds one of the contents of some hellish Hieronymous Bosch painting.

One also wonders if there isn’t a deliberate conspiracy to take Western Civilization apart along with all that for which it has traditionally stood. Personally, I don’t doubt that such a conspiracy exists; but I think it originates in dark spiritual realms. It is a product of the mind of the Enemy – the one of whom Jesus said, “He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44). Those who seek to lead the world into sexual immorality and the destruction of the traditional family are of their father the devil.

Canada’s sperm crisis is but one small symptom of a world gone morally mad. Those who support such aberrations view themselves as highly evolved, sophisticated and out there on the bleeding edge of societal evolution. In reality, they are retro degenerates who are dragging the human race deeper into moral chaos.

Christians, of all people, need to boldly shout the Divine Standard into that deepening darkness. Sadly, churches seem more inclined to imitate the world than the world is to imitate them. More and more liberal churches are abandoning any godly standard of sexual morality. For them, the Bible has ceased to be a moral authority. Before long, their faith will be but a hollow husk with no germ of morality whatsoever. What then will it mean?

Though I’ve quoted it before in this column, it seems again fitting to cite Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” If there’s any one Biblical verse that characterizes the age in which we live, it’s that one.

Why has all this happened? Because, Isaiah answers “…they have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty, and spurned the word of the Holy One of is Israel” (verse 24b). Once a people forsake the Bible and its moral authority, they have lost everything. That is what has happened in Canada, in the UK and in the USA.

When people throw God out of their lives, they throw out everything for which God is the answer. Then they are left with nothing more than stark humanism. Well, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. I can tell you from hard experience, it’s no place to be.

Somewhere along the line, the world needs to rediscover its Creator and His Instruction Book.