Why I Think there’s Evil on the Left – The Spirit of Treason

by Brian Knowles

Within the lifetime of many of us, the whole political spectrum in this country has moved leftward. Today’s “liberals” are largely yesterday’s radicals; the 60’s rebels and hippies have grown up. Today’s “conservatives” – or neo-Cons as some call them – are yesterday’s liberals. (Of course in the narrowest sense the term is often used to identify “Jewish Republicans.”) Real, old-fashioned, Constitutional conservatives have been marginalized and are now viewed by the Establishment as the “right wing lunatic fringe.” That includes all conservative Christians and everyone from Pat Buchanan to the John Birch Society and some of the American militias. All are lumped together by the Leftist media and likened to the fascist Muslims.

I refuse to call the Left “liberal” because it’s not. Today’s moderate Republicans are, for the most part, true liberals in the tradition of JFK.

The Left in this country is subversive at many levels, especially when it comes to national defense, the strength of the economy and personal morality. In fact, I would even go so far as to suggest that the spirit of treason lives on the Left. Now if you happen to be a person of the Left, don’t get your knickers in a knot – at least not until I’ve had a chance to explain myself. And I’m not labeling everyone on the left evil.


The Nature of Treason

Let’s go to the dictionary and take a look at the definition of treason: “1.a. violation by a subject of his allegiance to his sovereign or to the state; high treason.” Can you think of any people on the Left who have violated their allegiance to the United States? For further elaboration on the nature of treason, let’s look into the Constitution itself: “U.S. such a violation directed against the United States, and consisting ‘only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort” (Constitution of the United States, III, 3.1).

How about “adhering to their enemies”? Or giving those enemies “aid and comfort”? Now I shouldn’t have to trot out specific examples, name names, and cite cases in point. We should all be able to recognize the spirit of treason simply by tapping in to the Establishment Press and Media. How much allegiance to the United States and its Constitution do you think many on the Left really have? How many actors and show business personalities have you seen take the part of the enemy, rather than that of our President?

Now let’s consider the standard dictionary definition of “evil”: “1. morally wrong; immoral; wicked…” The second definition is: “2. harmful; injurious.” If something is morally wrong, wicked, harmful or injurious it is evil. Is treason injurious to a nation? You bet! In earlier times, people were hanged for treason.

The United States, indeed the entire free, non-Islamic world, faces the most deadly enemy it has yet faced. That enemy has zero regard for human life, including its own. Even the most murderous death is viewed as martyrdom. The West faces a growing army of religious thugs who seek to take the world back to the seventh century and to a condition of fundamentalist Islamic hegemony. Even fellow Muslims are not safe. The motto seems to be: “He that is not with us is against us and it is therefore permissible to kill him.” So we see hard-line Muslims blowing up other Muslims along with non-Muslim “infidels.”


The Spreading Evil

As the evil of militant Islam spreads around the world, more and more nations that had once stood on the sidelines are being touched. As I write this, it is the eve of the third anniversary of 9/11. Since that time, tiny Israel has suffered many heart-rending terrorist bombings. Terrorism has come to South East Asia and to Spain and again, most recently, to Russia. In Russia, the Chechen terrorists, aided by ten Arabs, sank to a new low by murdering helpless school children and their mothers as they ran fearfully for their lives. Virtually every day, we hear of new terrorist incidents in Iraq itself.

Terrorism is not the enemy: militant Islam is. Terrorism is merely a tactic – one of many. Those on the Left who seek to appease, bargain with, pay off, or retreat from, this lethal enemy are giving it aid and comfort. This enemy is primitive, barbaric. It respects only brute strength equal to or greater than its own and a willingness to use it without hesitation. It calculates with cold, demonic detachment. It thinks in terms of relative strength and weakness. It sees any retreat as a sign of weakness. It demonstrates no mercy, no compassion and no humanity. It is utterly evil. The only way to stop it is by eliminating it, right down to the last fire-breathing mullah. Words, treaties and UN resolutions mean nothing to these people. They only buy them time. They have no conscience, no soul. They are killers, and nothing more. Evil is as evil does.

The Left in this country, by seeking to under fund and otherwise weaken the President’s war on terror, is playing the role of “useful idiot” to the enemy. The Hollywierd Left that spews out hate speech toward the leader of the free world is a willing pawn in the hands of America’s enemies. Sadly, that approach has a long tradition that traces back at least to Jane Fonda, and perhaps beyond.

The Left, if it had its way, would turn America into Amerika. The land of the free would become a socialist nanny state, a Balkanized celebration of cultural diversity for which the national defense would consist of asking a gaggle of UN blue helmets to slap some terrorist’s economic wrists.

For the Left, Government is God. It’s less about money than about power and control. The more the Left can micromanage our lives, the better it likes it. For the Left, the Government always knows better. All blessings flow from Government and the will of the people is founded in ignorance. For the Left, the rights of the individual mean nothing. The rights of the collective are everything. The Government decides for the people because its omniscient elite believe it knows what’s best for all of us.

The Left believes that the more dependent upon Government the people become, the more likely the people are to continually vote in the Party that “gives them” all the goodies. If you think it through however, you’ll realize that Governments have no money of their own. What they have is obtained by extraction and coercion from the people they govern. We pay for everything government “gives” us – and we pay through the nose. In return, governments redistribute our wealth as they see fit. Put another way, the government can only give what it first takes away.


 Freedom of Speech vs. Treason

It is one thing to disagree with the policies of the current Administration. Freedom of political speech is a cherished right in this country. A loyal opposition is a healthy thing for any nation. It helps provide checks and balances on the abuse of power. But when the office and legitimacy of the Presidency is held up to open contempt, and the discourse becomes libelous, slanderous and treasonous, it’s time to put on the brakes. The Left has gone too far. It has allowed itself to become consumed with hate. It is functioning more like a fifth columnist for the enemy than as a loyal opposition. In the current Presidential campaign, the “politics of personal destruction” is in full cry.

In a democratic system, we have the option of voting out the incumbent and voting in his opposition. But once someone becomes President, it is the duty of all citizens to support him, especially when he’s trying to defend us from a deadly enemy. His election represents the will of the people – and of God. Once in office, “Everyone must submit to himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment upon themselves” (Romans 13:1-2).

What is the rightful role of government in society (no matter the form)? Paul viewed it as this: “For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, and agent of wrath, to bring punishment on wrongdoers” (Romans 13:3-4 NIV).

Granted, not all rulers live up to this ideal but our current President has often spoken of “evildoers” and what he intends to do to them. President Ronald Reagan saw in the Soviets an “evil empire.” President Bush has seen in the modern world an “axis of evil.” Fortunately for all of us, the President possesses a fully-functioning moral compass. He knows evil when he sees it; unlike the Left that sees things in fuzzy, relativistic, “non-judgmental,” terms.

The first duty of the President is to defend his nation against foreign enemies. Those who seek to undermine his efforts to accomplish that noble objective are, pure and simple, evil. They work for the enemy. They are his useful idiots.

Now, having written all of the above, you may consider me a raving lunatic on the Right. Perhaps what I said is a bit over the top. On the other hand, you might think I didn’t go far enough. But when I know what liberals believe, and I know what conservatives believe, and I realize that the Left is neither liberal nor conservative but radical, I may not be as far off the mark as some might think. Time will definitely tell. And remember one thing: What people, especially politicians, say means little or nothing; what they do means everything. If you don’t believe me, check out the story found in Matthew 21:28-31. When it comes to politicians, check their voting records and see what they have voted for and voted against. When it comes to actors and actresses, consider the content and “message” of their movies. Do the films they appear in frequently portray Christian ministers as buffoons, idiots, pea-brained right-wingers, bigots, racists, and compromised profligates? Do they trumpet the causes of environmental wackos while drawing on junk science and demagoguery to make their points? Are their heroes morally ambivalent?

As for newspapers, whom do they hold up as the paragons of virtue? What causes do they champion? What kind of stories do they feature about Christians and what kind about militant Muslims? Are they Arabist, Leftist, or pro-American? Where do they stand on sexual issues? Do they oppose big business and express sympathy for eco-terrorists?

As an editor of more than thirty-three years experience, I know how articles and headlines can be selected and slanted to leave a certain calculated impression. Suffice it to say that I no longer trust our Press or Media to give us the straight scoop on anything. These days, propaganda and ideology reign supreme. Objective reporting has fallen on hard times. And investigative reporting is largely limited to digging up dirt on the Right. If you want the truth on any subject, you’re going to have to search deeply for it; but you may not like what you find out.

The Left in this country, along with its judicial activists, is not on the side of those who still have a moral compass, and who have not lost sight of the nature of evil. Back in the fifties, someone wrote a famous book entitled None Dare Call it Treason. I dare. Those who support evil are evil. Those who want to see the war on terrorism fail are treasonous.