This morning I got an envelope in the mail. Before I opened it, I knew what was in it. One of my favorite “Hebrew roots” teachers – Dwight Pryor – had died. He had been hospitalized for some time. His heart finally gave out. After I opened the death notice, I quietly wept tears of grief. Fortunately, I was in my car, parked at the Post Office.

Dwight was a great teacher. He studied diligently and prepared thoroughly. In my opinion, he simply wore himself out in the service of the Lord. He started studying Hebrew roots about the same time I did – 1983. He whipped past me like a greyhound racing a beagle. Dwight spent time in Israel, learned the Hebrew language and founded the Center for Judaic-/Christian Studies ( His teaching output was prodigious. My wife Lorraine and I have long been blessed by his writings, cassettes and CD’s. I’m sure we’ll re-listen to them many times. You can get these priceless materials at the website above.

Dwight now joins other great “roots” scholars and teachers of blessed memory: Dr. Robert Lindsey and Professor David Flusser of Hebrew University among them. Their collective body of work is one of the most precious resources for restoring “the faith once for all delivered” – though few realize it. To those materials must be added the works of Prof, Marvin Wilson, Dr. Roy Blizzard, Jr., Dr. Brad Young and David Bivin of the Jerusalem School.

The Church generally does not tend to support its scholars – especially if they are not connected with an established seminary. Consequently, many of these great scholar/teachers have struggled financially. They have also worked in relative obscurity.

Dwight Pryor will be greatly missed by those of us who have been blessed by his teachings. We look forward to a joyful reunion in the world to come.