Biblical Chronology: Reliable? What Does It Reveal? Can We Know “The End” 

by Noel Rude

Biblical Research

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Biblical Chronology:

Updated “Unlocking Biblical Chronology” by Yves Peloquin  (1/12)
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A Flood Commentary and Notes  by Noel Rude (10/11)

Noah’s Flood Chronology: “The Prevailing Water of Noah’s Flood” (A Chronological Key) by Yves Peloquin (9/11)

430 Years and 400 years Countdown to Exodus  by Yves Peloquin (3/11)

Unsealing Ezekiel 4 &-5 to Unlock the Bible’s Chronology  by Yves Peloquin  ((1/11)

When Did the 430 Years Begin? by Noel Rude (1/11)

A Framework for Biblical Chronology (written in 2007) by Noel Rude (posted 1/11)


The One God Seminars:

Papers from the One God Seminars (7/03) Allow for a brief loading time.

Papers from the 2005 Akron, Ohio area One God Seminars
Jesus Symbol of God 
by Kenneth Westby

Other Articles:

The Surprising Flight of Noah’s Raven by Yves Peloquin (5/12)
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In the Beginning: Chapter 10  — Noel Rude

Melchizedek – Shem – Sargon?  –Noel Rude

The Vine and the Fig Tree and the Olive — Noel Rude

The Sign of Jonah the Prophet  This biblical research paper was prepared by Noel Rude

When Biblical Scholars Debate  My report on the 2007 meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature –K. Westby

Cain and His Family  A thorough investigation into one of the Bible’s most famous characters.

Was Paul Confused About The Law? An Historical Perspective on Galatians by Clyde Brown

Does Col 2:16 Do Away with Sabbath Celebrations? by Dr. Charles V. Dorothy (Please allow time for the Adobe PDF file to load)

A Possible Framework for Biblical Chronology  by Noel Rude

Noel’s Notes:

This folder contains a variety of comments and research by Noel Rude. Much of it is personal correspondence between me (Ken Westby) and my friend Noel. These various posts are informal in nature, but I’ve included them for the worthy and stimulating material they contain. If you read even one of Noel’s articles you can appreciate that he is a scholarly fellow chasing the truth wherever it can be found. Noel is a life-long Bible student and researcher. He is a professional linguist who has taught linguistics at the university level for many years. Presently he is employed by the federated American Tribes along the Columbia River and is engaged in developing grammars and dictionaries for native tongues facing extinction as the last speakers die. Noel has never been an “in the box” thinker and is willing to challenge orthodoxy and be politically incorrect if the facts call for it. How such a kind and humble fellow could be so “fierce” in the battle for truth is amazing…and beautiful. Keep an open mind as you read his posts and I believe it will broaden understanding and stimulate new thoughts and possibilities. I don’t agree with Noel down the line, but I sure learn a lot. Have fun. Learning about God, his creation, how he did things, what he has planned…that is about as much fun as a human can experience.