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Salvation on Sunday?

by Ken Ryland

As Eddie and I sat there at his desk talking, Eddie turned away for a moment to grab his Bible from the shelf above his desk. When he turned back toward me, he said, “Just a minute, I want to show you something.” He opened his Bible to the back, to a page that had once been blank, but I could see that there was quite a bit of writing on the page, some in blue ink, some in black. His scribbles were all in numbered rows with checks at the beginning and end of each item. “This is my list of answered prayers. My pastor told me several years ago that if I kept a written prayer list and checked off each answered prayer, I would really be surprised and have something that I could always praise God about.”

And, it was true. There were many answered prayers on the list that were indeed amazing, especially when he began to explain the details of how God has taken care of his needs — completely apart from his own efforts. He related the story of a porno parlor which had set up shop at the end of his block a few years ago. Since he and many of the neighbors had children, they were very concerned about the type of people who visited the peep shop all hours of the day and night. Eddie said that he pondered for a long time what to do rid the neighborhood of this low-life establishment. Since the city fathers in their wisdom had no interest in rezoning the neighborhood to ensure the safety of the local residents, Eddie knew that it was up to him and his neighbors to do something about it. But what?

After considering a number of options, including burning the place to the ground and bulldozing it, he concluded that there was little he could do that would not land him in jail. One Thursday as he gazed dejectedly at the store on the corner, he said, “Lord, I can’t do anything about this. If this porno shop is to be put out of business, You’re going to have to do it.” Having uttered these words, he turned and went into his house.

Well, having washed his hands of the matter, he paid it no more attention until something caught his eye on his way home from church that weekend. As he and his family drove past the store, they noticed that the place had been boarded up. It was out of business. And, to magnify God’s hand in this matter (not to mention His sense of humor), a short time later a new business opened on that corner. It is now Holy Joe’s Donut Shop.

Other items on Eddie’s list of some 40 to 50 prayer requests had equally astounding stories behind their answer. One petition was to achieve some sort of reconciliation with his first wife. Eddie once told me that the kindest words his first wife had ever spoken to him were, “I want a divorce.” Well, when Eddie and Loretta were married, neither was a Christian, and life was pretty rough — and they were rough on each other. In spite of the bitterness of their divorce and their relationship during the succeeding years, God answered Eddie’s prayer. Through circumstances outside the control of either one of them, God dissolved the hostility that had fatally infected their marriage.

Along with this reconciliation came the answer to another one of Eddie’s prayers: that his two daughters be returned to him. He had not seen either daughter for years, but God restored them to him without wrenching them away from their mother. They are both now married to godly young men (another item on the prayer list), and there is peace where alienation once reined.

Well, I could go on for many pages relating the answers to other prayers, but the point is clear: prayer really works. God listens and answers. However, the main thing I want you to know from this is that my friend Eddie does not keep the Sabbath; he is a Sunday-keeper

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