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A Disintegrating World? – Brief Commentary by Owen Murphy & Ken Westby

“Key to understanding the New Testament: Read it Backwards”  (Conclusion) — Ken Westby

“Amazing Nexus of Family and Christianity”
–Ken Westby
Christianity is in decline and so is the family unit. What is the connection? Each operates upon the other. This fact offers hope for a revival of both, but present trends unfortunately predict a collapse of Western civilization. It is up to the present generation to determine the direction our culture takes. 

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Previous VC Programs
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A Disintegrating World – Ken Westby and Owen Murphy




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To the left, a recent Virtual Church broadcast live-streamed over the web. Picture taken by a viewer he watched from his office in Oregon, USA. Tune in each week for an in-depth biblical exposition and inspirational message. from our 11th annual One God Seminar in Austin, Texas.

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