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November 2016
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“God’s Attitude Toward Aliens and Foreigners” – Ken Westby & Noel Rude


A Sabbath Message 9-17-2016 – Ken Westby


“God Not of the Dead but the Living” – Ken Westby

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Living What Jesus Taught

“Why,” asked Jesus of his talmidim (disciples), “do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say? (Luke 6:46).” It is one thing to acknowledge the authority and lordship of Jesus in one’s life. It is quite another to take seriously his moral and ethical teachings and to live by them.

Professor David Flusser, in his landmark book Jesus, has pointed out that despite internal revisions to the accounts of Jesus’ life, “…Jesus’ message has never been lost. It can still be heard today – even if it has not been the focus of belief in Christianity throughout the ages” (p. 177).

Flusser is right; the Christian Church has long focused attention on everything but Jesus’ message and his ethical teachings. The Roman Church points to the Church itself, to Mary, to its liturgy, its sacraments, itsMagisterium, its authority and to its traditions.

The Protestant Church has often emphasized the person of Jesus, and its Christology, at the expense of his teachings. It constantly stresses evangelization while slighting Jesus the Rabbi’s ‘aggadic approach in teaching. It emphasizes a particular interpretation of the apostle Paul as the foundation of its theology.

The cults focus on the personalities and esoteric theologies of their leaders and founders – also at the expense of Jesus’ teaching. I have even heard some dismiss Jesus’ teachings on grounds that they belong to the Old Testament period and not to the New.

Though Jesus primarily addressed the Jews of his day, most of his teachings are both timeless and transcendent. They fit perfectly with God’s Torah (instruction) for non-Jews. In short, Jesus’ teachings, for the most part, are universally relevant. Granted, there are some sayings that apply exclusively to Jews and not to gentiles, but such sayings seem to be in a minority.

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The Association for Christian Development is a non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. We believe God has a Grand Plan for mankind, which at its core calls us to become like him—after his image in character and mind. We believe God has given us all Scripture (OT & NT) to guide us in … Learn More About the ACD.

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