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February 13, 2016 (Saturday)

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  "A Love Note from God
Doing Good the Right Way or Wrong Way? 
-- Ken Westby  Two messages from Torah of Timeless Wisdom and Insight

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Association for Christian Development

Association for Christian Development

HELLO 2016!

Dear Servant of God, We now complete another successful year of heralding the coming Kingdom of our Great and Loving God. The climaxrdof the age is a year closer than when we first believed. It is almost shocking to consider that ACD is entering the 43 year since its founding. In those years we have been unswerving in our commitment to inspire Christians to develop into the Image of God—to take on the Divine nature as Jesus did and become God-like in mind, character, and loving action. The beginning step in that process is to know what God is like and how Jesus became just like his heavenly Father. ACD has done pioneering work in making clear God’s goal for mankind and in making clear just who God truly is and what he is like. We have had to slay some dragons of tradition in the process and break a lot of stained glass, paganized doctrines, and in the process make some enemies, but the beauty of revealed truth makes the struggle noble. You have been a part of this ministry for it is a team effort, an “association” of like-minded God-Fearers. In this, my last correspondence with you in 2015, three things merit mentioning: 1) Where are we on God’s timeline for the end of the age; 2) What is ACD accomplishing toward doing God’s will; and, 3) Offer a free biblical research paper that is sure to stimulate controversy, but more importantly, present a most important truth about Jesus. A Watchman’s Eye on Our Times We have entered what is probably the most unsettled and dangerous period in modern times. A confluence of violent ideologies fueled by a corrupt religion, weak leaders unwilling to name or confront it, failing economies choking on debt, and a moral decline that has come with the speed of an avalanche. America and the West have lost their way. The sad effects of the post Judeo-Christian age are upon us. The forces arrayed against what remains of enlightened civilization -China, Russia, the hordes of Islam including a soon nuclear Iran run by crazed apocalyptic killers—is daunting. A showdown is coming. Perhaps the moral decline is what God might find most dangerous. In my lifetime I’ve seen the onslaught against the biblical God and biblical traditions waged in the public square. The anti-God secularists, materialists, et all, are winning on every front. Evolution is the Golden Calf. People bow down before it for it allows man to play God and decide what is good and what is evil. What used to be called evil is now good and what used to be good is now evil. This is called being tolerant, accepting, progressive. Ephraim Radner writing in First Things (Jan/2016) makes an insightful observation:

If you ride New York City’s subways, you will see public service advertisements blazing above you. Some come from “NTC Condom,” a service of the NY Health Department¼. The messages come in snappy phrases and acronyms: “Take Pride, Take Care.” “Be Sexy, Be Safe.” Or the three “B’s” and three “S’s”: B Smart, B Sexy, B Safe.”

This is America’s moral conscience at work: Have sex as you want and wear a condom. It isn’t only the “safe” part, don’t get or give a disease, that constitutes the moral lesson. There’s also the “sexy” part: to “be you,” and to be “proud” of being you, do the sexy thing. They go together.

This is the shallow message of self-fulfillment and full personhood that the nurturing parent-state feeds to the hapless millions riding to and from the financial center of the world. Just when is the Midnight Hour? The most thorough chronological and genealogical evidence from Scripture that I’ve seen has the 6000-year period ending sometime in the next 20 to 30 years. Maybe, maybe not, but without question the time is near. Yet we must remember, the sovereign Creator is not ruled by the clock, he rules the clock. On that note I quote the famous Rabbi Daniel Lapin (some of you may recall I had him speak during a Friends of the Sabbath conference I hosted in 1996):

Ancient Jewish wisdom discloses this permanent principle here:

Moses said, “So said the Lord,’ At about midnight I shall go out in the midst of Egypt.'”

(Exodus 11:4)

Later we read:

And it was at midnight that the Lord struck every first born…

(Exodus 12:29)

Why did Moses say, “about midnight” when God intended to strike at precisely midnight? In the Five Books of Moses the phrase, “So said the Lord,” is extremely rare. According to the ‘rule book’ of ancient Jewish wisdom, that language reveals an approximation rather than a direct transmission of God’s word. Sure enough, a few words later Moses says, “At about midnight…”

Moses is protecting the reputation of his Boss. He feared that saying the precise phrase, “at midnight” might lead the Egyptians to miscalculate and try to ‘catch out’ God as it were, arguing that anything happening even one minute early or late showed God’s fallibility. By saying about midnight, Moses left the Egyptians no grounds upon which to challenge God.

  Noel Rude, who brought the Rabbi’s comments to my attention, adds:

There’s an absolute end to the six millennia—the qetz, as Scripture has it—but better we say “about midnight” than get too specific. We are living in momentous times, the handwriting is on the wall, time is short, the end is near. OK to see patterns in the past—the divine hand in history—and to wonder how those patterns might project into the future. But precise scheduling disappoints those who long for his coming and serves as ammunition for those who would delay it.

  Of the closing age, Jesus said watch for you know not the hour and use the time you have to make yourself ready for the resurrection and the coming Kingdom. He gave the parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins to vividly make his point: “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!'” (Mt 25:6). What ACD Does that Merits Your Support In answering the great commission to proclaim the Kingdom and help prepare the church, we have faithfully served God’s charge. We are a small voice in a wide sea of religious voices. It is up to God to use us as he sees fit and we believe his truth will more than trump size. But we must humbly and in the fear of God seek and proclaim it regardless of the resistance. Each week the Virtual Church broadcast is streamed live from our office and has been viewed in all parts of the world. These are informal Bible studies, meaty and relevant to doctrinal truth, Christian living, prophecy and inspiration to become more like God in mind and character. If you’ve not watched one, please tune in live or watch an archived program. In 2015 our Godward.org web site was given a complete update. It offers many hundreds of articles and research papers on a variety of subjects —remember we’ve been doing this for over 40 years! On the new website there are many videos of past Bible studies to watch as well as a library of YouTube videos to watch and recommend to others. ACD just hosted its 13th Nature of God/Nature of Jesus Seminar. These ground-breaking seminars get to the heart of knowing God and knowing his Son. True religion starts with knowing who God is and what he is like. The Deceiver has done slick deception on most of Christianity about the One True God and his human Son, Jesus. We draw on the volunteer services of scholars and biblical specialists who are more concerned with pleasing God than protecting their paycheck or pension or conforming to denominational dogma. We employ one part-time office assistant and we stretch our cherished donations to the breaking point. You know it takes money to publish, broadcast and do all that we do. We need your financial help. If you’ve benefited by any of ACD’s many services and believe in the mission God has given all of us to support The Proclamation, please give a generous end of the year offering to insure that 2016 is an even more fruitful year in His Service. A Special Offer This is the first time I’m offering this research paper to ACD’s entire mailing list. I’ve mentioned it to a few, but for various reasons have held back from putting it out for all to read. A prime reason is the fire storm it could cause and my natural desire not to offend people. Yet I think now the time is right. “Tis the season.” The 20-plus page research paper, A New View on the Virgin Birth, was completed a few years ago and has been updated several times. I don’t present it as dogma or a must-believe doctrine. I want the reader to consider the evidence and come to his/her own conclusion. Let me say upfront, I believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus by his virgin mother Mary. But I believe Jesus was 100% human—not half human/half divine, or as the corrupt fourth and fifth century catholic creeds claim, 100% man and 100% God (a nonsense statement on its face). God is the master of miraculous births. Jesus’ birth comes complete with a human genealogy and years after his exaltation to the Father’s side in heaven, Paul still refers to “the one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1Tim 2:5). My purpose is proclaim the human Jesus we can relate to and become like, and follow to everlasting life in the Father’s kingdom. The birth narratives of Matthew and Luke have been spun by deceivers to proclaim a foreign, other-worldly Jesus. We will see what they say and don’t say. I believe Jesus is not God, but the Son of God, the firstborn of the dead and the exalted Lord of Lords under the Father. Jesus did not preexist his coming into existence—another nonsense contradiction. The Gospels record the “genesis” or coming into existence of Jesus. Of course, he “existed” notionally in God’s mind from the creation, and the same is said of the saints in God’s church. Jesus was the prophet like Moses foretold to come (Deut 18:15-18) and who did come, not from heaven, but, as Moses said, “from among their brothers” —a human Israelite. Jesus is truly the Son of Man, the true Adam, the typical or archetypical ideal human we are to aspire to be like and to follow. This is a truth that has profound implication toward understanding God’s Grand Plan and for our personal growth and confidence of salvation. Respond to this letter with an offering of your choosing and we’ll send you the Virgin Birth research paper by return mail. After you’ve read I welcome your comments. The hour is late. Let’s make the most of the time God is giving us. May 2016 be your most blessed year yet! Pray for us as we will be praying for you. In Jesus Name. Kenneth Westby

Glasses on Open Bible ca. 2001

The Association for Christian Development is a non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. We believe God has a Grand Plan for mankind, which at its core calls us to become like him—after his image in character and mind. We believe God has given us all Scripture (OT & NT) to guide us in … Learn More About the ACD.